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To blog or not to blog is the question Well I already blog but in Wordpress. The reason I would love to blog in Blogger or Blogpost is that it makes it more easy for me to follow lots of SL-bloggers I already know through Flickr. The reason I will not stop blogging in Wordpress is that it is my favorite kind of webblog provider. It has more templates to work with and is easier to use for me because I also made my website with Wordpress.

So well to top all my thinking of....I'll be putting this Flickr post in my Blogger post. And well it's not because I'm no blogger-manager @ DRD that I don't like to blog their stuff. Jaimy and Eowyn are still my RL sisters and the best creators ever!!

Picture taken at Vimmershavn - Binemust

 Wasteland Hobo set now @ Remnant :
-DRD- Wasteland Hobo - Folding Chair -DRD- Wasteland Hobo - Guitar Case
-DRD- Wasteland Hobo - Guitar for Gals -DRD- Wasteland Hobo - Resting Place
-DRD- Wasteland Hobo - Shoping Cart

 Cece's Secret Angel Boots NEW shoes and finally Original Mesh, designed by Eowyn Swords, I hope you like them! ✈ INFO

 Pose: Le Poppycock - Comfort Zone - Synthetic Solutions
 Head: Catwa Bento Mesh head - Uma
 Skin: DeeTalez - Heidi - Nordic
 Hair: RKKN - Urban Beanie now @ Shiny Shabby
 Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
 Tattoo: Identity Body Shop - Delicate Hand
 Eyebrows: [okkbye] - Eutropic Eyebrow
 Eyes: Lotus - Blossom Eyes 10
 Eye Make-Up: Izzie's - Sparkle Eye Make-Up
 Jacket: ED. E-clipse Design - Ramsey Sand
 Pants: ED. E-clipse Design - Ramsey Sand
 Mask: RKKN - Urban Mask now @ Shiny Shabby
 Goggles: RKKN - Urban Goggles now @ Shiny Shabby


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