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...remove all dust!! Get rid of the old and explore something new. That is what I did, you might say. I'm exploring new grounds, new sims, new...whatever. Being stuck is just not for me. Even entering a contest is a challenge, not new though because I entered some contest when I was still learning how to take pictures. And still I'm learning, because no picture is never ever good enough for me. I'm happy with the outcome for now...😄 This picture was entered in the Whimberly contest:

I called it "Reflections of the Sun" Your kindness reflects, the hospitality of your soul, on the surface of the waves. Your silence reflects, the loudness of your mind, in the echoes of the room. Your voice reflects, the honesty of your heart, in the whispers to my ear. Your positivity reflects, the clarity of your thoughts, flowing in your mind. Your kiss reflects, the gentleness of your touch, leaving an impression in my soul.

Head: Catwa Bento Mesh head - Keme NEW!!!